Author: Annie Hardy

Annie spends her days exploring human-machine interaction innovations, thinking about the future of the Internet, and getting people excited about possibilities. Annie has almost two decades of experience evangelizing strategic human-centered design and advocating for women and vulnerable populations. Before joining our team, she was Founder, and Managing Director of zeet insights, an Austin-based market, and design research firm focused on cloud, machine learning, solar, smart mobility, and other fun technologies.

Human-Machine Interactions of the Future: Unpopular Opinions [Part 2]

If you haven’t read the first installation of this series on human-machine interactions of the future, I highly recommend digging into the definitions of some of the concepts I’m going to share here. With that foundation, let’s move to my first unpopular opinion about the Metaverse. The Metaverse will be more powerful as an augmented experience than a virtual one. Gartner… Read more →